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                Copper Sulphate-For Agriculture
                Copper Sulphate-For Feed
                Copper Sulphate-For Industry
                Sulfuric Acid
                Xintai Copper Industrial Co., Ltd of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group is the subsidiary of the national special big steel union enterprise-Laiwu Steel Group, and owns 45 years' production history. We are the No.1 grade measurement unit and national quality management award unit. We own 680 million yuan for current capital and 5 more billion yuan for annual sales. With years' quick development, the company has set up two domestic plants ...More
                Abroad Investigation
                The Recombination Conference of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group
                The Leaders from Our Group Company visited Xintai Copper Industrial Co.Ltd of Laiwu Steel Group
                Leaders Went to Africa for Investigation Projects.
                China Customs Investigation
                It Has Rich Capital, Advanced Process, Technology, Equipment, Management, Complete Measurement Ways and Stable Quality of Products.
                It Has Been Smoothly Granted the ISO9001 Quality System Certification and ISO14001, OSHMS18001 System Certificate
                Our Company Gained Customers' Trust by Sticking to the Idea of 'Credit, Satisfaction and Mutual Benefits'
                Leaders from the Group visits Jinshan
                Add: Xintai City, Shandong
                Province, China
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